Dyslexia Associates is an independent teaching and assessment centre.



Dyslexia covers a wide range of skills necessary for learning. It is a processing difficulty that affects reading, spelling, writing, speech and maths. It is likely to be present at birth and is a lifelong condition.



Dysgraphia can cause illegible handwriting, inconsistent spacing between words, poor spatial planning on paper, poor spelling. Also difficulty composing writing while thinking and writing.



Dyspraxia is a developmental disorder causing difficulties with coordination and movement. It is a common disorder affecting fine and gross motor skills impacting on many aspects of life.



ADD is a term used to describe inattention and ADHD describes symptoms of impulsivity and hyperactivity. 



Discalculia results in difficulties remembering specific facts and formulas for mathematical calculations. Also difficulties following sequential directions including left and right.



Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) is an umbrella term used to describe a number of difficulties.